BA prides itself on providing a solid early educational base for its young students in kindergarten - 5th grade.

We use a culmination of many different curriculums from A Beka to Saxon to McGraw Hill.

A variety of curriculums are used in the classroom but the Biblical worldview is woven through every subject we teach. We long for our students to own their faith at a young age and learn about the world they live in through the lenses of Scripture.


2017-2018 will be the launch of a new middle school program at BA for 6-8th grade students, with the intention of a seamless transition to the high school program at Dakar Academy.

We will be using a culmination of different curriculums, much like our elementary students. Companies like Glencoe, McGraw Hill, McDougall Littell, and Christian Schools International will be used.

HIGH SCHOOL - Partnership

Upon completion of 8th grade, BA students are encouraged to attend our partner school, Dakar Academy, for high school.

Dakar Academy was established in 1961 by UWM as a college preparatory, co-educational boarding and day school program primarily for ministrykids (MKs), providing kindergarten through grade 12.

DA's boarding homes are accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International, and it is the only accredited boarding program in Africa. Dakar Academy enrolls approximately 200 students in its academic program each year, with around 40 students in boarding. Dakar Academy’s high school division offers a robust college-preparatory curriculum with a surprising array of choices for a school of its size.