About BCA...

BA was born as a response to serving parents in Mali needing a school providing an affordable, quality education in English, based on biblical principles and beliefs.

These parents associated themselves under the Mali government as the Mali Educational Association (see below). Before the end of the year 2005, this association, through the generous help of other schools in West Africa whose doors had closed, opened the doors to BA.

The school, now a member of ACSI, offers grades Kindergarten through 8th and serves predominately, but not exclusively, ministry families who work in Mali. More than just a school, BA has partnered with home schooling families by being a professional resource in education. Presently, it provides curriculum, library services, and shared opportunities in school outings and programs. The full-time teaching staff membersare all self-supported through organizations and take joy in serving in this supportive role. BA is always seeking qualified teachers with a heart for God.

If you have questions concerning how to become involved or to enroll a student, please contact us here.

MEA - Mali Education Association

Mali Education Association (MEA) gains us legal status with the Malian government as a non-profit association under which BA can function as a school.

All families who have their children enrolled at BA must also become members of MEA.                                   (click here for both applications)